Spa Προσώπου Για Ενυδάτωση, Καθαρισμό, Φροντίδα Επιδερμίδας


Κωδικός 0856FGR

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  • Upgraded Nano Spray Technology Version: Super fine strong spray, Intelligent deep replenishment; 30ml large water tank; Facial spray can stand. Slip for 1 second to spray the fog , it’s convenience to carry out and easy to use, the battery and water can be used for a long time.
  • Multi-function: Winter facial or body replenishment. Sun skin repair. Relieve for allergic skin. Dry skin replenishment. Will adjust water and oil balance of the skin. Fever cooling, relieve for burns and mosquito bites. Relieve dry eyes. Cooling, sucking the pores after the closure of pores.
  • To promote nutrient absorption: Nano-ion spray, this will promote nutrient absorption. Quickly forfill the skin. Use to promote cosmetics to bring rich vitamins and protein absorption to the skin so that the skin stays young and flexible.
  • Supports USB charging: Use the product’s usb cable to charge the nano-spray. Capacity of 2000mA, continuous use for 2 hours. Every 10 minutes the device automatically stops once. it is cordless, and can stand, to provide you with a comfortable and convenient facial water environment.
  • To solve the problem:Slows down skin aging, ultra-fine particles quickly replenish skin from loss of water, and improves skin elasticity. Use as a car mini humidifier and a led night light. Great birthday and Christmas gift


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