Marvo Scorpion Arachnids G905 Backlighted Optical USB 8D Gaming Mouse


Κωδικός 0073FGR

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  • Increase the stability of the tail structure design, stable control
  • Backlighted with 7 recurrent colors
  • E-sports omron domestic level switch
  • Super abrasion-proof teflon feet, achieve 250km smooth moving distance
  • Ergonomic shape, wide holding structure is more comfortable
  • 8 control buttons
  • 1000 GHz high returns on MCU chip, more stable data transmission
  • Built-in professional game level chip, mobile and flexible, positioning precision
  • Up to 4000 DPI resolution, quickly realize the cursor
  • 4 levels adjustable speed DPI, comfortable
  • DPI independent key, can adjust free transform DPI
  • Color braided copper wire, ensure high data transmission speed

Product Details
1. Chip: Avago A3050, equipped with a shortcut key which can instead of double clicking the left key;
2. metal base gaming mouse;
3. 8D optical mouse;
4. user-defined lighting color, mouse rate optional (125, 250, 500, 1000HZ);
5. Default DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400(4000max);
6. Rated Voltage: 5V;
7. Rated Current: 100mA;
8. Stroke Life: 10 million times;
9. Cable Length: 1.5m;
10. Size: 132*67*41 mm


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