GPS tracker οχημάτων GT02A


Κωδικός 1293FGR

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Το tracker GPS Λειτουργεί με κάρτα SIM και μπορείτε να βλέπετε την τοποθεσία LIVE ζωντανά στον χάρτη μέσο ιστοσελίδας ή στέλνοντας SMS.

Το tracker συνδέετε απευθείας στην μπαταρία του οχήματος.

Main Features:

GT02A portable car GPS SMS GPRS locator tracker

Built-in GSM / GPS antenna

Support Google map link, no need of platform registration

Location inquiry by SMS / GPRS (class 12)

GPS tracked by time interval via GPRS (10 – 18000s)

Real-time location tracking via SMS

Need password to make and change any setup, protect your privacy, safe to use

9 – 36V input voltage, suitable for all cars

Hidden or open installation

LED indicators light showing working status


GPS bands: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

GPRS: Class 12

GPS sensitivity: -159dBm

Acquisition sensitivity: -144dBm

Position accuracy: 10m

TTFF: 38s (cold start), 32s (warm start), 2s (hot start)

GSM / GPS antenna: Built-in

LED indicator: Green – GSM, blue – GPS, red – power

Data transmission: TCP, SMS

Movement detection: Movement alarm based on built-in 3D motion sensor

Mileage report: Tracked by time / distance interval

Input: DC 9 – 36V (plug and use)

Working temperature: -30 – 70 centigrade degree

Humidity: 20 – 80 percent

Wire length: 1.6m approx.

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